Tomb Raider 2 Secret of the Sword

Slot Machine Name: Tomb Raider – Secret of the Sword

Played at: Microgaming Casinos

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Tomb Raider – Secret of the Sword is Microgaming’s much anticipated follow up to the original and still very popular Tomb Raider slot. This is no ‘book was better than the movie’ let-down sequel; it is a fully redesigned and interactive gaming experience. The still graphics and animations set new standards for future MG releases, and the full stereo sound effects are among the best I’ve heard.

This isn’t MG’s first venture into intense gaming, but it is a great follow-up to last year’s HitMan adventure video slot by the same developers. On the surface we see a five reel slot with 30 pay lines… but the adventure doesn’t begin until you spin! Unlike the original with only a “pick ‘em” style bonus and free spins, Tomb Raider – Secret of the Sword boasts six bonus features. We’ll explore them all here.

TombRaider 2 Slots

Tomb Raider Bonus Features

One Wild Symbol: Lara Croft’s face filling the frame… nice. Pay is 7500x line bet for five symbols, and no values are doubled.

Scatter Symbols: Passport Icon and ‘Key’ Icon, each with its own purpose.

Free Spins: Three, four, or five key symbols (which look a bit like a star trek insignia, only green) appearing anywhere will trigger ten free spins with Rolling Reels ™. During the free spins, all winning symbols dissolve causing affected reels to ‘roll down’ and potentially award additional wins. Each consecutive win increases the multiplier up to a maximum of 5x. This feature can’t be retriggered, and the Global Adventurer and Super Mode (see below) bonuses can’t be triggered inside of free spins.

Super Mode: This feature is triggered at random and awards five free spins just when you might least expect it. Lara Croft appears and ‘shoots out’ multiple positions on the reels, which become Wilds and stay in place for the duration of the bonus round. Global Adventure Bonus: This bonus is achieved by activating all five reels. A reel is activated when the Passport icon lands in the center position of a reel – activated reels are held IN THE GAMES MEMORY and accumulated until the bonus game is triggered. This is a key feature, as once a reel has been activated; the game is keeping track of your wagers until the final reel is activated and the Bonus round begins. At this point the value of the bonus game will be calculated based on your average weighted bet since the first reel was activated!

Tomb Raider 2 Slots – Hidden Sword and Treasure

Hidden Sword: Now for the fun part, you will be searching for hidden fragments of a precious sword. Choose the location you wish to start searching… you will find a fragment or a booby trap. Two traps will end the bonus game. Every once in a while you’ll have a random encounter with another character and may be awarded another opportunity to continue your quest! Hidden Treasure: If you find all of the sword fragments you will be awarded the Hidden Treasure bonus wherein you may get all wins for that location, a 2x multiplier, a bonus value (up to 70x your average weighted bet) or entry into the Shootout Bonus. Shootout Bonus: Here you’ll see fifteen golden disks, behind each is a mystery value. Select one and shoot it. On the right will be a list of values (think “Deal or No Deal”). You’ll shoot until there is only one value left, and that will be your winnings!

Tomb Raider 2 Slots Review – Player Perspective

As the game progresses there is entertaining and immersive narrative and commentary, and searching for the Sword Fragments will take you to strange and exotic places around the globe.

I would class this as a low variance game as the paybacks seem to be geared toward the entertainment value, rather than occasional staggering wins. It pays many small line wins, few crushingly good, and bonuses often did not add up to much in my play. But I was able to play quite a long time.

I’ll definitely play this slot again, but may do some real low rolling until at least two of the passport symbols activate reels, then increase my bet significantly until the global bonus feature is activated…that could be risky business, or should I say, ‘…only for the adventurous’ as there is no guarantee that I won’t find a booby trap or two.

With that strategy, I’ll assume that ‘weighted’ in the worst case scenario means the program will account for my total wagers before the first reel is activated, balanced with my average bet after it is. At best, I’ll assume that they picked a confusing term and only meant to say that the Global Adventure bonus will be determined by my average bet after the first Passport Icon activates a reel.

The good news is that all five reels do not have to be activated in one session. I CAN JUST KEEP TRACK OF HOW MANY ARE and go back to the game (at the same casino) at a later point and pick up where I left off instead of having to activate all the reels again. The Adventure Continues!

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